Clark Color Labs

I received my first digital SLR camera four years ago and immediately began looking for a photo processing service to handle the images I wanted to print. I had been using Clark Color Labs for the past thirty years for film processing, so I began searching the internet to see if Clark had a website. I was glad to find they did.

During the internet search, I found numerous sites that handle digital photo processing, but their prices were a good bit higher than the prices Clark was offering. I went to the Clark Color Labs website Continue reading

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Golden Acrylics

I could never achieve the look in a wildlife painting that I wanted until I discovered Golden Acrylics Heavy Body Paints. When I first started painting in 1983, I started with oil paints. I guess the reason was because as a child, I would receive oil paint-by-number sets that contained oil paint. When I first tried acrylic paint, I was not impressed with it at all. To me it was hard to work with because I was trying to apply the same techniques with acrylic paints that I had been accustomed to with the oil paint.

When I finally learned the secret to using acrylic paint, I really began to feel comfortable with it as a medium. It was not until I discovered Continue reading

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Art Scam-Don’t Become a Victim

Art scam is a subject I knew absolutely nothing about until a few days ago. I’ve just gone through an ordeal with a scammer so I got my education first hand. Fortunately, I have been listening to all the media about the different scams out there so I didn’t get caught blindsided by this one.

This scam started out when I received an email Thursday December 30, 2010 from an individual with a foreign name asking if I had any wildlife art for sale. I responded with information about my website and directed the individual there.

On January 3, 2011, I received another email from the same individual asking for prices for a particular painting that was displayed on my website. I replied with information Continue reading

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Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art BookAccording to Wikipedia, Contemporary art can be defined variously as art produced at this present point in time or art produced since World War II. The definition of the word contemporary would support the first view, but museums of contemporary art commonly define their collections as consisting of art produced since World War II.

I never realized I was actually defined as a comtemporary artist. My work does not look like any of the artwork I’ve seen that is being called contemporary art, but yet it meets Continue reading

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Ducks Unlimited-A Wildlife Artist’s Best Friend

Ducks Unlimited is, in my opinion, one of wildlife art’s greatest allies. Not only does the organization provide wildlife artists and waterfowl artists a huge potential for revenue from the sale of artwork, they provide an ever growing resource from which artists can pull from in terms of habitat for the ducks on which we so desperately depend.

Back in 1937, a group of sportsmen decided it was time to do something about the dwindling waterfowl population in North America. Their mission was then, and still today, is  Continue reading

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Acrylic Paint Brushes

Creating art with acrylic paint can be very rewarding. Unlike oil paints that require months to cure, acrylic paintings can be finished in a matter of hours. A completed acrylic painting can be framed the next day.

But creating paintings in acrylic require a specialized type of brush. Yes, the same brushes that are used for watercolor and oil can be used for acrylics, but it is not recommended. Acrylic paints tend to have a more abrasive texture that either oil or water color. Some of the application techniques for acylic paints are much more damaging to brushes that with the other mediums.

Acrylic brushes tend to be made from Continue reading

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Wooden Painting Easel

Bassett Studio EaselIf you’re looking for a great studio easel, you’ve got to give this one a serious look. The price is affordable and it’s a quality piece of equipment.

The Bassett Studio Easel is perfect for the apartment or small studio but large enough to solidly accomodate canvasses up to 39 inch. Maximum easel height is 86 inches minimum 54-1/2 inches. Has a fine furniture Continue reading

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The Acrylics Book

The Acrylics BookIn order to fully develop your skills as an artist, your education must come from a variety of sources. Websites like this one are great resources, but the way I learn anything best is by reading from books. It’s something I can hold in my hands, flip back and re-read sections, and skip ahead to other sections in the book.

The Acrylics Book: Materials and Techniques for Today’s Artist is one of the best acrylics techniques books I’ve found anywhere. Unrivaled in scope, this encyclopedic reference on the most versatile of all painting mediums is an excellent tool to help both beginning and seasoned artists produce their best work in acrylics.

With its great flexibility, acrylic paint can mimic the appearance of oils, tempera, and watercolors in unique ways, each method pictured in a separate Continue reading

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A Different Approach to Learning to Draw

How to Draw Cars Fast and EasyAs a wildlife artist, it is very important to be able to draw images correctly. If I’m trying to draw ducks and they don’t look like they are supposed to, the duck enthusiasts out there will be very critical of my work and will not appreciate what I’m trying to portray.

Learning to draw comes in a variety of forms. I’ve found numerous books for sale that teach you how to draw different objects. Each has it’s merits and each has it’s drawbacks. I recently found a book that really has nothing to do with wildlife art but everything to do with drawing. This book is very detailed in describing how Continue reading

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How to Paint a Mallard Drake’s Head

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss the steps I take to paint a mallard drake’s head in a waterfowl painting. The feathers of a mallard duck drake are an irridescent green color with hints of blue mixed in.

Mallard Drake Head Sketch

Mallard Drake Head Sketch

I start out with any duck by creating a detailed drawing of the bird on paper using several reference sources. I then transfer this sketch to the canvas in preparation for the application of the paints. When the sketch is in place on the canvas, I start out with the Continue reading

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