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Golden Acrylics

I could never achieve the look in a wildlife painting that I wanted until I discovered Golden Acrylics Heavy Body Paints. When I first started painting in 1983, I started with oil paints. I guess the reason was because as a child, I would receive oil paint-by-number sets that contained oil paint. Continue reading

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Acrylic Paint Brushes

But creating paintings in acrylic require a specialized type of brush. Yes, the same brushes that are used for watercolor and oil can be used for acrylics, but it is not recommended. Continue reading

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How to Clean Paint Brushes

One of the most import tools in an artist’s tool box, in my opinion, is a good set of quality brushes. No craftsman can produce quality work with inferior grade tools. Continue reading

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Selecting the Materials for a Wildlife Painting

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series How I Begin A Wildlife Painting

There are actually three materials that we have to decide on when creating a wildlife painting. These choices hold true for any type of painting but are especially important in wildlife art. Continue reading

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