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David Maass Wildlife Artist

The big advantage that David Maass has when painting wildlife is his ability to paint a world as seen through the eyes of a hunter. He is a master of both design and observation of the natural world. When viewing one of his paintings, it’s obvious that he has been to the scene portrayed in the image. Continue reading

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Wildlife Conservation Prints for Sale

I have always been a wildlife lover, expecially ducks, and now have taken the next step in this admiration. I am excited to tell you about a new organization I’m priviledged to be associated with. I recently joined forces with Art for Conservation, and through this association, am pleased to announce that we have wildlife conservation prints for sale.
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The Old Mill Pond, A Collectible Waterfowl Print

This print is a limited edition, offset lithograph waterfowl print featuring a pair of mallard ducks lifting from the waters of an old secluded grist mill pond. The pond in this scene is located near where I grew up in south Georgia. The old grist mill burned down several years ago, but the mill pond is still there.

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Wildlife Art – Mallard Ducks – The Haven

I first started this painting back on December 18, 2010 as an experiment in just painting for the fun of it, and talked about that process in Painting for Fun. When I started the painting, I did not use my normal method of planning for the painting. I just set up a canvas, mixed some colors, and went to work.

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