David Maass Wildlife Artist

Mallard-HenI think every wildlife artist dreams of one day being able to convey wildlife through their paintings the way David Maass has in his works of art.

The big advantage that David Maass has when painting wildlife is his ability to paint a world as seen through the eyes of a hunter. He is a master of both design and observation of the natural world. When viewing one of his paintings, it’s obvious that he has been to the scene portrayed in the image.

He has done what most wildlife artists can only dream of. He has been the winner of the federal duck stamp competition twice. His first win was with a painting of Wood Ducks in 1973 and his second win in 1982 with a painting of Canvasbacks.

David Maass is a pioneer in the genre of fine-art prints, being one of the most widely published wildlife artists of all time, with more than 150 editions together totalling more than 215,000 prints.

He is best known for his paintings of waterfowl, but David Maass is just as comfortable painting upland game birds as well. He is blessed with the ablility to render game birds and their environment with the skill that could only be achieved by someone who has been where the birds are. He has a touch that brings out the essence of the outdoor experience.

It really doesn’t matter whether his subject is a flight of diving ducks on a cold windy day, pheasants in an icy winter landscape, Canada geese pressing foward against the north wind, or a woodcock on a misty upland morning, David Maass takes you where the birds are and where the action is.

Though I can never come close to the skill and expertise of David Maass, that fact does not deter me in my efforts to paint the waterfowl I love. I will never be famous like David Maass and the hundreds of other artists painting today, but I will continue to strive to be my best.

Until next time, keep your brushes clean, your colors pure, and as always, thanks for stopping by the North Forty.




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