How to Paint With Acrylics

How to Paint With Acrylics is a great series of books from the late Walter Foster’s acclaimed “How to Draw and Paint” series. This particular book is entitled “Landscapes” and is a great addition to any beginner’s library of how-to books. I started out with this and 4 other books in the series.

How To Paint With AcrylicsLearn acrylic painting techniques from these modern experts. Follow the processes by which they compose a painting, from initial drawings through to completion. Walter Foster’s acclaimed “How to Draw and Paint” series has motivated thousands of aspiring artists. Each book provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that will help you improve your technique. The late Walter Foster created a library of easy-to-use books for beginning artists. He not only wrote and illustrated these books, but he also printed, bound, and distributed them, ultimately selling millions of copies. Today, his original works are the core of a larger library, now updated and supplemented by the contributions of additional authors. Authors — Tom Swimm, Bob Bates, Elin Pendleton, Anton Gutknecht, Jerry Yarnell, Nathan Rowlander. Paperback. Each book has 32 pages. 10¼” × 13¾” (26 cm × 35 cm).

The How to Paint With Acrylics gives detailed instructions from starting a landscape painting through to the finish. There are some great paintings that can be created from this book. To get your copy, just click on the image of the book and follow the links. Until next time, keep your brushes clean, your colors pure, and as always, thanks for stopping by the North Forty.


How to Paint with Acrylics

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