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Clark Color Labs

I received my first digital SLR camera four years ago and I immediately began looking for a photo processing service to handle the images I wanted to print. I had been using Clark Color Labs for the past twenty years for film processing, so I began searching the internet to see if Clark had a website. I was glad to find they did. Continue reading

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Golden Acrylics

I could never achieve the look in a wildlife painting that I wanted until I discovered Golden Acrylics Heavy Body Paints. When I first started painting in 1983, I started with oil paints. I guess the reason was because as a child, I would receive oil paint-by-number sets that contained oil paint. Continue reading

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Art Scam-Don’t Become a Victim

Art scam is a subject I knew absolutely nothing about until a few days ago. I’ve just gone through an ordeal with a scammer so I got my education first hand. Fortunately, I have been listening to all the media … Continue reading

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Contemporary Art

I never realized I was actually defined as a comtemporary artist. My work does not look like any of the artwork I’ve seen that is being called contemporary art, but yet it meets the definition of the term. Continue reading

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Ducks Unlimited-A Wildlife Artist’s Best Friend

Ducks Unlimited is, in my opinion, one of wildlife art’s greatest allies. Not only does the organization provide wildlife artists and waterfowl artists a huge potential for revenue from the sale of artwork, they provide an ever growing resource from which artists can pull from in terms of habitat for the ducks on which we so desperately depend.

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Acrylic Paint Brushes

But creating paintings in acrylic require a specialized type of brush. Yes, the same brushes that are used for watercolor and oil can be used for acrylics, but it is not recommended. Continue reading

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Wooden Painting Easel

If you’re looking for a great studio easel, you’ve got to give this one a serious look. The price is affordable and it’s a quality piece of equipment. Continue reading

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The Acrylics Book

In order to fully develop your skills as an artist, your education must come from a variety of sources. Continue reading

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A Different Approach to Learning to Draw

As a wildlife artist, it is very important to be able to draw images correctly. If I’m trying to draw ducks, if they don’t look like they are supposed to, the duck enthusiasts out there will be very critical of my work and will not appreciate what I’m trying to portray.
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How to Paint a Mallard Drake’s Head

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss the steps I take to paint a mallard drake’s head in a waterfowl painting. Continue reading

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