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Waterfowl… Why I Love to Paint Them

When I first started trying to learn to paint, I was blown away by the works of such waterfowl masters as David Maass, Phillip Crowe, Maynard Reece, Jim Hautman, Ken Carlson and Larry Chandler just to name a few! Continue reading

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Hidden Refuge A Mallard Duck Painting

Back in November 2010, I began comtemplating what my next wildlife painting would be. I began doing my standard research looking through all of my reference photographs to find the subject material for the painting. Continue reading

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Creating the Composition of a Wildlife Painting

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series How I Begin A Wildlife Painting

The composition of a painting is the way in which the artist takes all the elements of a painting and puts them in an order of placement that is both natural and pleasing to the viewer. Continue reading

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